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Brad Feld

Amir’s book is an exciting addition to advancing the field of knowledge around venture capital and financing.

Brad Feld
Co-Founder of Foundry Group, Co-Founder of Techstars, and Author of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist
Brad Feld

The time, with no hyperbole, is now.

Amir Hegazi

About the Author

Amir Hegazi

Amir is a lifelong entrepreneur, and the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CapitalDemocracy, a global professional advisory firm that helps outstanding founders and startups raise venture capital, where he serves on multiple startups advisory boards. Prior, he was Managing Partner of intoMENA Group. Hegazi was also the Director of Marketplace at, MENA´s largest e-commerce platform (acquired by He is also one of the early pioneers of digital media in the Arab world, having launched the largest online TV networks at JumpTV and Talfazat (JumpTV raised $150 million and completed IPO dual listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the AIM Market of the London Stock before being acquired by Neulion). He is also an advisor on tech startups, entrepreneurial ecosystems, go-to-market, and e-commerce strategies for ministers, policy-makers. Hegazi is the Author of bestsellers Startup Arabia and Ecosystem Arabia, both of which were recognized as Startup Books to Read in 2019 and 2020 respectively by Book Authority.

Amir Hegazi


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